Enya the goddess of fire In the first book we explain the history of Enya, the first lorteka.


Friend Is similar to virtual assistant but with very advanced intelligence. We can creating a virtual brain to Friend think like a humans. Develop this technology is very expensive and so you can buy some of our products to help us. Immortallis Develop drugs, vaccines with advanced technology in order to extend the life of man on earth.


ENYA This is a goddess of fire and your mission is protect your planet from your habitants because they fight a lot. His god father did not allow her to use her powers to interfere with his people. Yet it does not conform with the problems and wars and ends up interfering. DRAGON It protects Enya from all dangers, especially when it is a child. Enya danger countless times but his shield goes there to save her

Working with live

We work in high-tech projects and we need your donation or, after, purchasing of our products. So you collaborate so that our ideas get off the ground and can become a reality. Please be patient because the products are not available at the moment. But you can contact to make your request.